Virtual Job Fair

A virtual job fair made with accessibility in mind

Make it possible

Offer jobseekers and companies a possibility to meet in a virtual job fair form any device connected to the internet.

A virtual 3D environment enables a complete job fair experience from anywhere. By using the Umanize platform, interactions become intuitive in the virtual world chaos.

Thanks to the ingenuity of our developer team, we provide the same landmark found in physical job fair in an easy-to-use interface.

The guests will have the possibility to discuss with exhibitors, schedule appointments for live video chat, read job listings from booths and more.

Being versatile, the Umanize platform adapts to all kinds of events. It offers a set of tools dedicated to the success of your virtual event.

  • Kiosk with functionality
  • Intelligent matchmaking
  • Virtual chat
  • Appointments
  • Job posting


Every day, more companies trust us with their events.