Umanize paves the way for unique and memorable
experiences that place people at the center of
interactive tools.

We work every day to develop intuitive tools that support the digital transformation of companies and associations. We offer a combination of solutions that enable quality communications and fluid exchanges between the various users of the Umanize platform.


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Our passion for events and technology makes us a true partner in the success of your virtual or hybrid event.

Every day, more companies trust us with their events.

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Our history

The company’s story begins in 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19. Christopher Leduc, owner and founder of BonSpot (2016) and Phazes (2011), has doubled his efforts and his resources by surrounding himself with a team of experts in order to quickly offer solutions to the urgent needs of the event industry and to help as many businesses as possible.

When its founder, Christopher Leduc, was contacted by the organizers of the Saint-Hyacinthe Agricultural Exhibition, he already had a solution to offer them to organize their event virtually. For the past 8 years, they have trusted him to produce audiovisual and advertising productions. This well-established entrepreneur from the region is well known for his ingenuity, his tenacity and his ability to carry out large-scale projects.

This collaboration allowed for the virtual production of the largest agricultural festival in Canada, which has been making history for over 183 years. This first mandate won second place in Canadian innovation at the CAFE (Canadian Association Of Fairs and Exhibitions) Gala.


Umanize’s mission is to humanize the virtual user experience in a world where digital transformation is accelerating. To offer even more affordable solutions, Umanize is taking advantage of its growth to develop different templates for different types of events at accessible prices.

In a short period of time, Umanize has positioned itself as a Quebec leader in event technology solutions with its immersive platform and its numerous functionalities. Umanize has confirmed the extraordinary potential of its solution by developing partnerships with agencies and companies that are leaders in their field.



Christopher Leduc

Christopher Leduc is a young entrepreneur who has been specializing in multimedia and technological development for more than 10 years with the founding of his first company PHAZES. Christopher Leduc is a visionary whose mission is to develop a human, responsible and intelligent future.

Stephane Yannako

More than 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, entrepreneurship and event planning. Stephane will accompany you in your virtual or hybrid event to make it a success.

Stéphanie Hamon

Spontaneous and refreshing, Stéphanie has an exceptional sense of organization and a reassuring professional rigor. Naturally gifted in human relations, she will guide you through the different stages of your projects with great listening skills, delicacy and judicious advice.

Mathieu Simard

With a solid academic background, Mathieu is an admirable intrapreneur who knows how to demonstrate great versatility and adaptability. Intuitive and rigorous, his passion for organizational culture and business make him an outstanding shaman in the organization.


With a background in entrepreneurship and corporate marketing, Malik is our web marketing specialist. He has a double experience in event organization and digital marketing. Certified diver, amateur kickboxer, entrepreneur in his spare time. He is an avid cyclist, hiker, astronomy and world culture enthusiast.

Vincent Benoit

Coming from the corporate and event world, Vincent specializes in video and webcasting. He carefully orchestrates the smooth running of conferences and accompanies speakers in their success. He offers an attentive ear and a reassuring presence behind the scenes of your event.

Mathieu Poliquin

Our star coder, not a day goes by without him doing the impossible. He is our inspiration to face the daily challenges

Ian Racicot

A person with a background in art and a passion for events, Ian Racicot is the graphic designer whose job is to create visuals according to the needs of Umanize and its clients. A true jack-of-all-trades, he is involved in many different areas (he even works in the kitchen at Umanize!)

Vincent St-Gelais

Vincent is passionate about video games. He completed his studies in game design and now applies his knowledge to develop and script 3D events on the platform. He is considered by many to be the best pocket player south of Montreal.

Ian Chen

Environmental artist of the 3D team with a background in video game development. The virtual and what the virtual can accomplish without the constraints of reality and physics is close to her heart. Elevating the event industry from the physical to the virtual is just the first step to her ultimate goal of not needing to touch grass anymore.

Patrick Jurewicz

Programmer, technical artist and Unity generalist. Through the magic of C# and HLSL he is busy forming a bridge between the world of programming and art to allow showrooms to be functional and stylish. Using his sorcery he conjures up everything from clouds to grass to wind to humans.